As part of Strong Power’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction, Strong Power is pleased to provide its customers with this Limited Warranty subject to the terms and conditions outlined below:



  1. In this Limited Warranty, defined terms are capitalized and bolded:
  1. “OEM” – A part or product that has never been used in operation and meets or exceeds OEM new specifications.
  2. “Valid Warranty Claim” – A warranty claim that strictly adheres to the warranty claim process outlined in Section 3 below and which is approved by Strong Power as a valid warranty claim.
  3. “Claimant” – The Strong Power’s customer that submits a claim under this Limited Warranty.


  1. Strong Power will provide its customers with a one year Limited manufacturer Warranty against defects in material.
  2. If a Covered Defect is discovered prior to the expiration of the Warranty Period and is approved by Strong Power as a Valid Warranty Claim, then Strong Power discretion, will either exchange the warranted product with new one or refund the purchase price of the warranted product.


  1. The Limited Warranty applies to all the OEM Warranted Products.
  2. The Limited Warranty is non-transferable and can be redeemed only by the original purchaser listed in the purchase invoice at the original location where Strong Power shipped the Warranted Product.
  3. The Limited Warranty does not cover any charges for installation, removal, shipping, or replacement of the Warranted Products including but not limited to labour and material charges.
  4. The Limited Warranty does not apply to the following:
  5. Normal wear or deterioration;
  6. Improper installation or maintenance including failure to follow any preventative maintenance schedule;
  7. Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication, or failure to follow usage directions;
  8. A Warranted Product that has been modified without the written permission of Strong Power;
  9. If any Strong Power serial number, date stamp or other marking has been removed or defaced;
  10. This Limited Warranty will only apply to claims that strictly adhere to the claim’s procedure outlined Strong Power reserves the right to void any Limited Warranty claim that does not follow the Valid Warranty Claim Procedure.
  11. Strong Power reserves the right to void any Limited Warranty claim where the claimant fails to deliver the Core that is the subject of the claim back to Strong Power pointed facility.



  1. Strong Power reserves the right to deny any warranty claims that do not strictly adhere to the following claims procedure:
  1. To start a claim under the Limited Warranty, the customer must send an email containing a written description of the problem that is the subject of the warranty claim, supporting photographs detailing the nature of the problem, as well as copy of the purchase invoice relating to sales@strongpower.ca  (the “Claim Notice”). The Claim Notice must be received by Strong Power prior to the expiration of the Warranty Period(s). The subject line of the Claim Notice must contain the purchase invoice number pertaining to the product or part that is the subject of the warranty claim.
  2. Once Strong Power receives a Claim Notice, Strong Power may either reject the Limited Warranty on the basis that the claim does not relate to a Covered Defect, falls outside the Warranty Period, or is not a Warranted Product, or, instruct the customer to ship the part or product back to Strong Power for evaluation. The claimant must deliver the parts which is the subject of the Limited Warranty claim back to the Strong Power appointed Facility to exchange or repair no later than 60 calendar days from the date Strong Power receives the Claim Notice, or else Strong Power may void the Limited Warranty.
  3. Once Strong Power receives a Claim Notice, Strong Power may offer to send the claimant a replacement part or product while waiting to receive the damaged product or part from the customer. In either case, the customer shall be solely responsible for all costs of shipping the damaged part or product back to Strong Power, the full cost of the replacement part or product, as well as the shipping cost of the replacement part or product to the customer. Unless waived or modified by Strong Power in writing, the Claimant must pay the Replacement Cost and the Return Shipping Cost to Strong Power before Strong Power will ship out the replacement part of product. In the event that the Limited Warranty is determined by Strong Power to apply to the claim, subject to Section 3 above, Strong Power will refund the Replacement Cost to the customer no later than 60 calendar days from the date the Limited Warranty is approved.


  1. This Limited Warranty supersedes all written or oral prior agreements or understandings with respect thereto.
  2. Any waiver by Strong Power of any of the provisions of this Limited Warranty, or any breach of any provision of this Limited Warranty, must be in writing in order to have effect, and shall not be construed as a continuing waiver of other breaches of the same or other provisions of this Limited Warranty.



SPSM1 NO warranty applicable, Product value under $10.00.
SPSM2 30-day limited warranty. See full warranty for online small ports details.
SPLG1 12-month limited warranty covering major parts sales online.